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CBS Evening News


CBS Morning Chicago

USTV Taiwan

New Scientist

Scientific American

AI Designs Little Robots in 30 Seconds and They Keep Sprouting Legs

Business Insider

AI was told to design a robot that could walk. Within seconds, it generated a ‘small, squishy, and misshapen’ thing that spasms.

AI design for a ‘walking’ robot is a squishy purple glob


‘Instant Evolution’: AI Creates a Squishy Purple Blob That Uses Air to Walk


Researchers in the US have trained AI to design a robot from scratch

India Today

This robot is built by AI and can walk as well. Video is viral

Jerusalem Post

Instant evolution: AI system designs and creates walking robot in seconds

Hindustan Times

Robot created from scratch using AI takes its very first ‘awkward’ steps

Der Standard (Germany)

AI designs walking robots in just 26 seconds

Futura Sciences (France)

Robots generated in seconds by artificial intelligence!